Whether you’re a fellow Lady living in America’s bike capital or just a Lady-tourist checking it out on vacation, sometimes the best way to cycle a city is to take routes less traveled.

Oh the views! It takes a Lady’s breath away!

That is why, lovely Ladies, these routes (maps and directions included!) are an excellent exploration. Adventure in your own backyard? Yes, please!

A great option is NW Portland up to the Pittock Mansion, where views of the entire city and Mt. Hood are almost as fabulous as riding an upright in a skirt. You can also access Wildwood Trail in Forest Park from the Pittock parking lot, so ride up, have a lovely picnic on the Pittock grounds, and gently meander through the woods before your descent.

The route is steep, but any Lady (or Lady-lover) worth her weight can tackle this challenge by taking her time. And savoring each moment? A Lady strong suit.

From the article on

When seeking a solid hill climb in the city, a lot of riders head for Council Crest or Mount Tabor. Here’s a quieter and arguably more scenic climb that begins right in the Pearl. Head up Northwest Johnson Street via a gradual climb past condos, Victorians and trendy shops. After 24th Avenue, Johnson becomes Westover Road, and the serious climbing starts. The official route follows Westover and Cumberland, but instead turn left onto Marlborough and wind along the quiet, steep streets lined by mini-Pittocks to take advantage of the supreme views. It’s easy to get lost in this labyrinth, but as a general rule, just keep climbing! Eventually, find Monte Vista Terrace to access the back entrance to Pittock Acres Park. It may be exhausting, but the view at the top is especially stupefying when you’ve really earned it. Bask in the glory, then check your brakes and enjoy coasting back down to celebrate with ice cream at Cool Moon (1105 NW Johnson St.).

Enjoy the views, Ladies!


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