Bike love is sweeping the USA! And we can all use a little more bike love <3

Bikes and trains? A match made in urban-planning heaven! (photo: Chelsea Naso,

Lovely cycling Ladies of New Jersey, you can now bring your two-wheels on trains. No box required!

As a part of the Bike Aboard program, starting August 11th, all unused passenger cars can now be used to store bikes, so roll-up, roll-aboard, and take off to wherever you heart desires (in New Jersey…)!

From the article on

As part of the expanded Bike Aboard program, NJ Transit will be offering 418 designated bike trains on weekends on the Raritan Valley, Main/Bergen County, Pascack Valley, Gladstone, Montclair-Boonton and Atlantic City Rail lines, according to the press release. An additional 273 non-designated bike trains on weekends can accommodate up to two bicycles per car on the Northeast Corridor, North Jersey Coast and Midtown Direct lines.

“By implementing designated bike trains on weekends on most of our rail lines, in addition to the regular weekend trains, we are providing capacity for up to 7,200 bicycles on Saturdays and Sundays combined,”  Simpson said.

Starting in October, NJ Transit will reprint rail timetables to clearly indicate designated bike trains with a special bicycle icon near the train number.

“Following Commissioner Simpson’s call for a quick resolution to customer concerns about bicycle access, we took a fresh look at our Bike Aboard program to identify further adjustments that would enable us to significantly expand access for our bicycle-riding customers,” said NJ Transit Executive Director Weinstein.

“The expanded capacity on weekends will make cycling to train stations a viable option for more customers, allowing them to complete the ‘last mile’ between the train station and their destinations.”

NJ Transit appointed Project Manager of Capital Programs Rob Angellow as the agency’s new bicycle advocate, to ensure the agency stays in touch with the needs of the cycling community, according to the press release.

Government implementing simple, immediate policy changes based on the needs of gorgeous Ladies (and Lady-lovers)? Government at its most affective and fabulous. Portland and other cities take note: the public/active commuting combination is/will be the transportation model of all economically competitive cities in the 21st century.

Combining public transit and bikes makes more destinations accessible to commuters without the need of insufferable-steel-boxes, reducing congestion and pollution while increasing community connection/engagement, commuters’ disposable income, and overall physical wellness and citizen happiness.

So put on your sunday finest, grab your upright, and find an adventure or run an errand. No matter the reason, get out there and ride on, Ladies!


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