Tallying bike traffic, making cycling more visible, giving Ladies (and Lady-lovers) a sense of inclusion in something greater, and sheer amazingness? Yes, please!

Another win for USA commuters!

PBOT is installing the USA’s first bike counter on the western end of the Hawthorne bridge in Portland today, August 8th.

From PBOT:

The main reason PBOT is installing a bike counter is that it contributes to making bicycling — and the impact of bicycling — more visible. There is significant number of people riding bicycles across the Hawthorne Bridge and this counter will raise awareness among all travelers of the significant role bicycles play in Portland’s transportation system.

Also, the counter will provide high-quality data. We’ll better understand bicycle counts relevant to time-of-day and temperature. Having data collected every hour of the year will help us better understand how different elements affect ridership and also give us a better sense of the seasonal variation in bicycling.

The counter, donated by Cycle Oregon, is unique in the US. Other cycle counters in places like Copenhagen have served to show all commuters the relevance and presence of bikes as legitimate transportation.

This Lady can’t wait to ride by in dapper attire, knowing my tally-mark is making Portland a more visibly human-centric city, one pedal at a time.

Ride on over and get yourself counted, Ladies (and Lady-lovers)!

And while your at it, wear fabulous attire and take a photo of yourself getting counted and send it to us here: Ladies (and Lady-lovers), we’ll post your photos year round!


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