The joy of riding belongs to everyone, to all Ladies (and Lady-lovers).

But what if you don’t know how to ride a bike? If you find yourself a full-grown (at least physically) adult, having never experienced the smile-inducing, full-body-tingling-happiness cycling creates?

Learning to ride: possible, and fabulous, at any age

There is hope! And you, adult Ladies (and Lady-lovers), can still learn to ride and join us in the transportation revolution.

Here is a wonderful editorial from a staffer at the New York Times detailing his experience learning to ride a bike for the first time as a bonafide adult.

From the piece on Nytimes.com:

The city of my youth, not so long ago, cast the bicycle as neither a moral symbol of environmentalism and fitness, nor the manifestation of roadway anarchy. It was just another way to get around.

But after childhood false starts, adolescent indifference and a lengthy effort to conceal my deficiency as an adult, the time had come for me to catch up, and not just because the phrase “like riding a bike” had long struck me as a cruel dig.

The quest began on Saturday, with an adult education class offered by Bike New York, the city’s education partner for the bike-share program. My family was dubious. My parents’ efforts had failed after all, though they had done their part, buying me my own bike as a child and giving me lessons on the esplanade in Battery Park City. I never saw the point. I could already walk to the park from our apartment. As a last resort, teaching was later outsourced to a friend’s father, who failed at least as miserably.

“You know I love you and think you’re great,” my mother said in a recent interview. “You never really did well with the turning.”

My indignity is not unique, of course, though it is not far off. According to a federal survey conducted in 2002, 3 percent of Americans 16 or older who did not use bicycles said they abstained because they did not know how to ride.

Ladies: do you know a friend or family member suffering in silence from their bike-ineptitude? Reach out, encourage, and let’s get more people enjoying (stably) life atop two wheels!

It’s never too late to change your life for the happier :)

Ride on Ladies and fabulous-newbie-Ladies (and Lady-lovers)!


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