Below is a rather fine graphic created by detailing the latest data on bike commuting Ladies (and Lady-lovers) by state. Check out how your state compares!

How to read the map, plus the top 5 cycling commuter cities, from the article on

[…] [T]he darker the state, the larger the share of total trips taken by bicycle, as opposed to driving, walking, or transit; the larger the maroon and yellow box, the larger the number of people commuting to work by bicycle.  You can see that California, followed by Florida and New York, have the largest number of bike commuters.  But, when you go by mode share – the portion of total trips taken by bike – the leading states appear to be Colorado, Oregon, and (improbably?) Montana.  It is hard to tell for sure, but I believe the data came from multiple sources, including the US Census’s American Community Survey.

[…] Of the cities included in the Buehler-Pucher study, Portland, Madison, Minneapolis, Boise, and Seattle had the highest percentages of bike commuters.

  To see a larger view of the map, hear over here

Nice work, Ladies! Let’s make those states a shade darker, one pedal at a time.


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