Beautiful bikes and fabulous fashion? A match made in Lady-heaven!

Just lovely! (photo from the Fashion Cycles spread,

Us commuters already know that looking gorgeous atop two-wheels isn’t an anomaly, it’s widespread. Spandex is so 2000.

So imagine my uncontainable glee upon seeing a mainstream magazine showing that biking Ladies can and should look fabulous! While I’ll do my best to disregard the capitalistic undertones, this spread in Vogue details looks for fall and bikes to accompany them.

Uprights and sweaters, skirts and drops. So many options and so much fabulousness!

Bikes are the new “it” accessory… and transportation choice! Cycling is a lifestyle; no longer just for weekend warriors and speedy bike messengers. Us Ladies will keep spreading beautiful, sustainable living through the streets of our towns and cities. Everyone else can sit back, enjoy the view, and be inspired to join us.

Let’s keep spreading the Cycle Chic lifestyle, Ladies (and Lady-lovers)!


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