The city of Salem has expanded its excellence!

Which way to fabulousness? This way, you say? (Photo from StatesmanJournal.com)

Under new federal funding opportunities related to energy efficiency and reduced consumption, Salem was able to create a lovely stretch of bike path, signage, bike lockers, and bike parking for the fabulous Ladies (and Lady-lovers) in Oregon’s capital!

From the article on StatesmanJournal.com:

The city of Salem has completed the installation of nine miles of bicycle wayfinding signs, 12 bike lockers, 32 parkinge racks, and a bike shelter, in the downtown area and at transit centers in Salem. The bike facilities were installed as part of the city’s energy strategy to increase transportation options and were funded through U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program.

Providing bicycle facilities such as directional signs, bike storage and parking is one strategy being used to encourage the use of alternative modes of transportation, which will reduce fossil fuel emissions and  total energy consumption.

The signs were installed this spring along three key bicycle routes in Salem:  the Winter Street Route, Center Street Route, and Park Avenue Route. The signs direct bicyclists to points of interest and give mileage and travel time information.

So grab your upright, throw on a dress, and get out there to experience what happens when cities prioritizing Ladies (and Lady-lovers) over steel-boxes!

Keep riding, Ladies!


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