Irrational and disproportionate anger? Retaliation? Utilizing public funds to oppress a minority group? So incredibly un-Lady like.

Rob Ford, The infamously anti-bike mayor of Toronto, has allocated $300,000 of public funds to remove bike lanes on Jarvis Street in Toronto. His reasoning?

“They want to get home to their families quicker and that’s what I’ve done, I’ve listened to the taxpayers and done what they wanted me to do,” he said.

And we just want to get home to our families alive, life and limb intact. Spending $300,000 to prioritize momentary convenience over the safety of average citizens is a blatant waste of taxpayer funds. And bike lanes aren’t frivolous, studies confirm they SAVE LIVES. They help protect all road users, not just cyclists.

Ladies and Lady-lovers of Toronto stage a sit-in to stop bike lane removal (photo courtesy of

What else could that $300,000 have afforded those “inconvenienced” steel-box commuters? Perhaps more books for their school aged children? Or improved separation for bikes so the “inconvenience” of being stuck behind a bike could be avoided, all while protecting the life and limb of commuters who choose active modes (and lest we forget, whom cost the city less in healthcare costs and transportation maintenance)?

This appears to be targeting of the active-commuter minority out of misplaced anger for a dismally disappointing general state of affairs; it’s short-sighted, hateful, and wasteful. How uncouth and inerudite of you, Rob Ford.

Since Monday, activists have been blocking the lanes, preventing crews from removing them. While it has failed to garner national media attention, and several Toronto news outlets are thankfully making the public aware. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, so it goes. Making people aware of the issues in Toronto and uniting to stand against blatantly anti-active commuter policy is essential to ensuring our equal and fair treatment. And Ladies (and Lady-lovers), we ARE equally valuable.

And so, outraged Lady, how are we to help the beleagered-yet-still-fabulous Ladies (and Lady-lovers) in Toronto? If you feel so inclined, speak up. Here is the address to send letter after lovely letter to Rob Ford:

Office of the Mayor
Toronto City Hall,
2nd Floor,
100 Queen St. West,
Toronto ON
M5H 2N2

He states he’s heard from citizens about their inconvenience, which is why he’s moving forward with currently proposed policies. Perhaps it’s time he heard from Ladies in Toronto (and around the globe) as well. Never underestimate the power of annoyance induced by flooded inboxes.

And share this story, Ladies! What happening in Toronto could happen in your city. The more we’re aware, the more we can work together to prevent this discrimination.

Keep your chin-up, Ladies (and Lady-lovers) of Toronto. We’re paying attention, and we’re here to help.

Keep riding proudly Ladies!