Hey Ladies (and Lady-lovers)! When you politely promote the joys of life atop two-wheels, have you ever heard the ill-informed rebuttal: “But not everyone can ride a bike.” This is probably the most irksome response I hear, that the gorgeously-grayed, magnificent mobility-marred, and exertion-averse can’t ride bikes, so we must make room for steel-boxes.

Well, I politely renounce your inaccurate assumption! There are bikes with hand pedals for those without use of their legs, tricycles for those uncomfortable or unbalanced, electric-assist bikes for those less-abled, and honestly: plentiful perspiration is only an issue when I’ve planned poorly, leading to a time-crunch sprint (lest I be tardy). There are bikes for every kind of person, and those with mobility issues benefit most from additional activity. One of the best treatments for stiff muscles and arthritis? Movement.

Need something you can show those friends and acquaintances next time they make this mistaken statement? Check out the video below. Bikes for everyone! Lovely and heart-warming.

I am DETERMINED to be one of those ladies when I’m older (and, hopefully, wiser).

So Ladies: keep riding, promoting biking for all people, and smiling!



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